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A business wants to display customer 360 information in a console for their call center agents. The customer information will come from a variety of sources, and the information should be grouped together logically. The agents will need to take different actions depending on the context of each group of information.

Which tool should a consultant recommend to meet this requirement?

Answer: B

A company implements an integration procedure that is invoked from an OmniScript. The integration procedure includes a recommend to improve performance and address users concerns

Which feature should the consultant recommend to improve performance and address users concerns?

Answer: C

A business has a project that must be completed soon in order to meet important deadlines. However, the developer on the project has left the company, and the new team on the project has decided to use OmniStudio tools. The development work completed so far was done using APEX code. The new team must complete the project following these guidelines:

* Minimize implementation time

* Ensure end-user processes are as simple as possible

* Find a way to ensure optimal UX

In this scenario, what two actions should the consultant recommend to the project team'

Choose 2 answers

Answer: A, C

Which of the following is a key difference between Integration Procedures and DataRaptors?

Answer: C

When a customer calls to report a product issue, agents need to check all open cases related to that product to see if there are any solutions that can resolve the customer's issue. Products that have been purchased are stored as assets, and there is a lookup relationship from case to asset that allows cases to be linked to the products customers have purchased.

What type of DataRaptor can be used to retrieve a list of cases filtered by the customer's asset and the last service date of the asset?

Answer: B

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