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Nonprofit-Cloud-Consultant Dumps

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A consultant is setting up several integrations for a nonprofit.

What strategy could the consultant implement to help prevent interruptions between the integration and Salesforce?

Answer: A

A nonprofit wants to predict the likelihood of a contact recurring donor.

What should the consultant recommend to meet

Answer: D

A nonprofit using Salesforce configured with Person Accounts has recently installed NPSP into its org.

Which two configurations should a consultant set to ensure that Person Accounts and NPSP can coexist?

Choose 2 answers

Answer: A, C

A nonprofit is implementing Accounting Subledger and wants to know how the data from Salesforce would be transferred to its accounting system.

Which three methods are possible?

Choose 3 answers

Answer: A, B, C

A consultant sot up and successfully tested an integration between the source system and a sandbox environment of Salesforce When the integration was switched to the production environment of Salesforce, the consultant encountered API call limit errors.

What is the likely explanation for this?

Answer: C

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