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Users receive an ''apex CPU limit exceeded'' error when running the advertising sales management flow omniscript in a salesforce experience site. The omniscript includes an integration procedure that contains multiple data raptors. In which two areas within omnistudio should a consultant check to troubleshoot this issue?

Answer: C, D

See the explanation below.

To troubleshoot the 'Apex CPU limit exceeded' error encountered when running the Advertising Sales Management Flow OmniScript in a Salesforce Experience site, a consultant should examine the DataRaptor configuration (C) and use the OmniScript Debugger (D). The DataRaptor configurations need to be checked for inefficiencies or complex operations that might consume excessive CPU time. The OmniScript Debugger can help identify specific steps or processes within the OmniScript that are contributing to the CPU limit breach, allowing for targeted optimizations. Reference:





An administrator is mapping a user to media cloud personas. In the current role, the user builds media plans from request for proposals, reviews past performance to ain insight, and proposes proactive solutions. To which persona should the user be mapped?

Answer: A

See the explanation below.

The user in question, who builds media plans from requests for proposals, reviews past performance for insights, and proposes proactive solutions, best fits the Media Planner persona (A). This role involves strategizing and planning advertising campaigns, analyzing performance data, and making informed decisions to optimize future media plans, aligning closely with the responsibilities described. Reference:




During proposal line item creation, a consultant needs to able to select a value for a picklist type attribute. Which non-overridable behaviour must the consultant select during the assignment to the parent object type?

Answer: B

See the explanation below.

When creating a proposal line item that includes a picklist type attribute, the consultant must ensure the attribute is 'Run-time Configurable' (B) during its assignment to the parent object type. This non-overridable behavior allows the attribute's value to be selected dynamically at the time of proposal line item creation, providing the necessary flexibility to adapt to varying proposal requirements. Reference:




During a google ad manager (GAM) order orchestration, which two steps does a media planner need to complete manually in the GAM server?

Answer: A, D

See the explanation below.

During a Google Ad Manager (GAM) order orchestration, a media planner needs to complete some steps manually in the GAM server, including associating the creatives to a line item in GAM (A) and checking if creatives are loaded in GAM (D). These manual steps are necessary because they involve specific actions within the GAM interface that require human intervention, such as verifying creative assets and ensuring they are correctly linked to the appropriate ad campaign line items. Reference:




Due to internal and external security compliance requiments, a customer need to mask a number of custom text fields, besides implementing Field Level Security. These field values have less than 100 characters in length. However, a select group of users are allowed to view these field values as a part of their daily work. How should a consultant implements this?

Answer: B

See the explanation below.

To mask custom text fields while meeting security compliance requirements and allowing select users to view the field values, a consultant should implement Salesforce Shield Platform Encryption (B) and configure profiles accordingly. Shield Platform Encryption provides a higher level of data protection by encrypting sensitive data at rest without compromising application functionality. By configuring profiles, the consultant can specify which users or groups have the permission to view the decrypted field values, ensuring compliance with both internal and external security mandates. Reference:



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