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Salesforce MCC-201 PDF Exam Questions:

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Salesforce MCC-201 PDF

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A customer wants to configure appointment reminders for patients in their clinic. The reminder should be sent day before the appointment date at 10 a.m and the appointment record should be updated in the patient was sent a reminder email.

What solution could be recommended?

Answer: D

Northern Trail Outfitters sends emails for Password Resets from their web store when requested. An SMS message should be deployed if the password reset email is not sent.

What processes should they utilize to ensure a timely delivery across email and SMS?

Answer: D

Northern Trail Outfitters receives a nightly encrypted unsub file to their Marketing Cloud SFTP from a third-party email platform. These files are used to unsubscribe existing subscribers. They do not use Email Address as Subscriber Key.

What Automation Studio Activity sequence should be used to ensure the appropriate subscribers are unsubscribed from the All Subscriber List?

Answer: B

Northern Trail Outfitters wants to build an abandoned cart journey which includes a Decision Split that evaluates if a customer has made a purchase after they enter the journey. Customer data is stored in a master data extension ans purchase data is stored in a second data extension.

Which two steps should they include to accomplish this journey?

Answer: A, D

Northern Trail Outfitters is having their regional supplier conference and wants to allow attendees to request event-specific safety notifications, schedule or room changes, and surprise pop-up sessions.

Which solution should they use?

Answer: A

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