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Salesforce Experience-Cloud-Consultant PDF Exam Questions:

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Experience-Cloud-Consultant PDF
Salesforce Experience-Cloud-Consultant PDF

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Realistic Scenario Based Salesforce Experience-Cloud-Consultant PDF Exam Questions:

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Universal Containers (UC) maintains multiple customer experiences, but only one profile for all customer users. No customer has access to more than one experience.

Which two steps should the UC admin take to grant access to each customer? Choose 2 answers

Answer: A, B

Ursa Major Solar (UMS) wants to differentiate between the leads created by partners and the leads created by its

own Sales team. All lead records are shared with partners: however, some of the information captured by the

Sales team on the lead record should not be shared with partners.

Which two steps should UMS take at a minimum in order to meet the requirement?

Choose 2 answers

Answer: A, D

No Mor Homelessness (NMH) is about to create a public site for volunteers where they will be able to sign up for

volunteering opportunities at local events. Each registration will result in a record being created for a custom Event Registration object.

Which three considerations should NMH keep in mind for records created by guest users?

Choose 3 answers

Answer: B, C, E

Northern Trail Qutfitters would like to display a different Hero component on the Home page for United States and EMEA.

How should an administrator accomplish this?

Answer: D

The mission of No More Homelessness (NMH) is to help every homeless person in the best possible manner through its Experience Cloud site. NMH's site manager wants to set up search engine optimization (SEQ) to ensure NMH's public Experience Cloud site is visible to search engines.

Which two practices does the site manager need to do to ensure SEO is implemented successfully?

Choose 2 answers

Answer: A, B

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