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Salesforce CRT-600 PDF

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Refer to the code below:

01 const exec = (item, delay) =>{

02 new Promise(resolve => setTimeout( () => resolve(item), delay)),

03 async function runParallel() {

04 Const (result1, result2, result3) = await Promise.all{

05 [exec ('x', '100') , exec('y', 500), exec('z', '100')]

06 );07 return `parallel is done: $(result1) $(result2)$(result3)`;

08 }}}

Which two statements correctly execute the runParallel () function?

Choose 2 answers

Answer: B, D

A developer needs to test this function:

01 const sum3 = (arr) => (

02 if (!arr.length) return 0,

03 if (arr.length === 1) return arr[0],

04 if (arr.length === 2) return arr[0] + arr[1],

05 return arr[0] + arr[1] + arr[2],

06 );

Which two assert statements are valid tests for the function?

Choose 2 answers

Answer: A, C

Which statement phrases successfully?

Answer: D

Refer to the code below:

01 let car1 = new promise((_, reject) =>

02 setTimeout(reject, 2000, ''Car 1 crashed in''));

03 let car2 = new Promise(resolve => setTimeout(resolve, 1500, ''Car 2


04 let car3 = new Promise(resolve => setTimeout (resolve, 3000, ''Car 3


05 Promise.race([car1, car2, car3])

06 .then(value => (

07 let result = $(value) the race. `;

08 ))

09 .catch( arr => (

10 console.log(''Race is cancelled.'', err);

11 ));

What is the value of result when Promise.race executes?

Answer: C

Refer to the code below:

for(let number =2 ; number <= 5 ; number += 1 ) {

// insert code statement here


The developer needs to insert a code statement in the location shown. The code

statement has these requirements:

1. Does require an import

2. Logs an error when the boolean statement evaluates to false

3. Works in both the browser and Node.js

Which meet the requirements?

Answer: B

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