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Users at Universal Containers want to know how Approval requests will be routed prior to submitting a Quote for approval.

How can the admin meet this requirement?

Answer: B

Universal Containers sells a total of 100 Products. There are 80 Products that are generally available for selection by all users (General Access). The remaining 20 Products should only be available to a certain group of users (Special Access).

Which Product Selection and Price Book strategy should the admin utilize to meet the requirements?

Answer: D

Universal Containers allows clients to negotiate a discount for Product A until a specified date up contract activation. Which three fields on the Contracted Price record should be configured to satisfy this requirement?

Answer: A, C, D

Universal Containers has multiple sales teams that need to select from a subset of the product catalog on the Product Selection page.

Which solution meets the business requirement without creating a separate Price Book?

Answer: B

Universal Containers has created a Discount Schedule with the override Behavior set to All Tiers and applied it to a Product. A sales rep then adds this Product to a Quote, manually changes the discount percent of a discount Tier, and saves the Quote.

At what point during the sales process can the sales rep be assured that the override amount will be unaffected by changes the Admin may make to the original Discount Schedule?

Answer: A

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