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1Z0-821 PDF
Oracle 1Z0-821 PDF

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zone1 is a non-global zone that has been configured and installed.

zone1 was taken down for maintenance, and the following command was run:

zoneadm -z zone1 mark incomplete

The following information is displayed when listing the zones on your system:


Which task needs to be performed before you can boot zone1?

Answer: C

See the explanation below.

If administrative changes on the system have rendered a zone unusable or inconsistent, it is possible to change the state of an installed zone to incomplete.

Marking a zone incomplete is irreversible. The only action that can be taken on a zone marked incomplete is to uninstall the zone and return it to the configured state.


You need to make sure that all of the software packages on your server are up to date. Without installing any updates, which two commands would display .my software updates that are available in the default Oracle repository?

Answer: A, D

See the explanation below.

A: the pgk list command display a list of packages in the current image, including state and other information. By default, package variants for a different architecture or zone type are excluded.

D: pkginfo displays information about software packages that are installed on the system (with the first synopsis, with -l) or that reside on a particular device or directory (with the second synopsis, with -r).

Without options, pkginfo lists the primary category, package instance, and the names of all completely installed and partially installed packages. It displays one line for each package selected.

With -r, retrieve the data from the repositories of the image's configured publishers. Note that you must specify one or more package patterns in this case.


Which best describes the svc:/system/boot-config service?

Answer: C

See the explanation below.

Starting with the Oracle Solaris 11 Express release, Fast Reboot is supported on the SPARC platform, as well as the x86 platform. On both platforms, this feature is controlled by the SMF and implemented through a boot configuration service, svc:/system/boot-config. The boot-config service provides a means for setting or changing the default boot configuration parameters.

The fastreboot_default property of the boot-config service enables an automatic fast reboot of the system when either the reboot or the init 6 command is used. When the config/fastreboot_default property is set to true the system automatically performs a fast reboot, without the need to use the reboot -f command. By default, this property's value is set to false on the SPARC platform and to true on the x86 platform.


A user jack, using a korn shell, requests a directory listing as follows:

jack@solaris:/export/home/jack $ 1s

File filea Filea fileb Fileb filec Filec

Which two statements are correct?

Answer: A, C

See the explanation below.

A: starting with one single character, second character must be letter i, any characters, ending with letter a.

C: starting with letter e, f, or g, followed by anything.


You created an IP address for interface not.3 with the following command, which executed successfully:

ipadm create-addr --T static --a net3/v4

You then ran:

ipadm show--if

The result indicated that the interface was down.

You then ran:

ipadm delete-addr net3/v4

ipadm create-addr --T static --a net3/v4

ipadm show-if

The last command indicated that the interface was up.

Why did it work with the second address specified, but not the first?

Answer: B

See the explanation below.

The first IP address is already in use.

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