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What is the purpose of the use ''command'' In the CLI?

Answer: A

What component of Oracle VM Product is specifically responsible for the automatic failover process?

Answer: B

See the explanation below.


To enable HA, you must first make sure all Virtual Machine Servers in the server pool:

Use the same shared storage.

Are in the same OCFS2 or NFS cluster.

Are Oracle VM Server Release 2.1.2 or above.

Have the same cluster root, which is a specially designated shared storage used for heatbeating in the cluster. For example, the cluster root might be example.com:/OVS for an NFS cluster, or /dev/sdd6 for an OCFS2 cluster. The heartbeat file would be located at example.com:/OVS/.server_pool_hb for an NFS cluster. There is no heartbeat file for an OCFS2 cluster as one is in-built in the file system.

Have the cluster root mounted at /OVS. All other storage may be mounted at the standard location of /OVS/uuid.

Have moved any /OVS mount points (set in FSTAB for Releases 2.1 or 2.1.1) to the /etc/ovs/repositories file. All storage, even that mounted at /OVS, must be maintained in the /etc/ovs/repositories file. You can move the mount points to the /etc/ovs/repositories file with the following command:

# /usr/lib/ovs/ovs-cluster-check --alter-fstab

Have a shared cluster root at /OVS, and not local, using clustered OCFS2 on SAN, or ISCSI storage, or NFS on NAS. The default local storage is OCFS2, and is notsupported with HA.


A low priority guest is using up more of the physical network traffic than desired. Select the two valid network QoS settings for restricting outbound network traffic?

Answer: B, C

What two steps would best harden an Oracle VM Server installation?

Answer: A, E

Networking is not working for several guests on a particular host. Which two commands can help troubleshoot the networking?

Answer: C, E

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