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You want to write a Python script to create a collection of different projects for your data science team. Which Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Data Science Interface would you use?

Answer: A

As you are working in your notebook session, you find that your notebook session does not have enough compute CPU and memory for your workload. How would you scale up your notebook session without losing your work?

Answer: A

You are a computer vision engineer building an image recognition model. You decide to use Oracle Data Labeling to annotate your image dat

a. Which of the following THREE are possible ways to annotate an image in Data Labeling?

Answer: B, D, E

You are building a model and need input that represents data as morning, afternoon, or evening. However, the data contains a time stamp. What part of the Data Science life cycle would you be in when creating the new variable?

Answer: B

While reviewing your data, you discover that your data set has a class imbalance. You are aware that the Accelerated Data Science (ADS) SDK provides multiple built-in automatic transformation tools for data set transformation. Which would be the right tool to correct any imbalance between the classes?

Answer: C

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