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Microsoft MB-260 PDF Exam Questions:

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MB-260 PDF
Microsoft MB-260 PDF

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Realistic Scenario Based Microsoft MB-260 PDF Exam Questions:

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You are a Customer Data Platform Specialist. The marketing team requested that customer cellphone numbers be added to the customer profile in audience insights. The customer cellphone numbers are stored in a separate table in the Azure Gen 2 Storage Account.

You decide to create the data source(s) needed in audience insights.

Which statements best describes the steps needed to ingest the required data to audience insights?

Answer: C

See the explanation below.

There are three data sources containing customer profile data loaded to a dedicated storage account and container in the Azure Data Lake.

Ingesting Cell phone data- the requirement is to keep the name of the date sources aligned with the design document.

cellPhone_loyaly.csv: srcid (primary key), cellphone



You are a Customer Data Platform Specialist. The marketing team wants to send personalized marketing emails to customers, but the customer FullName attribute has not been correctly populated as part of the profile unification process.

You update the Map process to include the loyalty.member.fullname, ecom.member.fullname, and cclubcust.member.full_name fields. Then, you map the fields to the Person.FullName semantic type. Audience insights automatically merges these fields into the FullName attribute on the Merge page.

What action should you perform to make sure the merged FullName field contains the most trusted data available?

Answer: D

See the explanation below.

Adding Full Name field to the unified customer record

Full Name is a merged field with the following merging policy

a. loyalty.member.fullname

b. ecom.member.fullname

c. cclubcust.csv.full_name



You are a Customer Data Platform Specialist. Dynamics 365 Customer Insights (CI) users have complained that they are not able to quickly find customers using main demographic data points. You must ensure users are able to search customers using any of the available fields.

Which two statements define the actions that should be completed to satisfy this requirement? Each option represents a partial solution.

NOTE: Each correct selection is worth one point.

Answer: A, B

See the explanation below.

The following fields from the unified customer record should be added to index: Last Name, Full Name, Email, Cell Phone, Street Address, DOB.



You are a Customer Data Platform Specialist. You need to design a process to share the unified customer profile with the sales team. The sales team uses the Dynamics 365 Sales app for marketing list generation.

Which two conditions must be met to export segments needed by the sales team to the D365 Sales app? Each correct answer presents part of the solution.

NOTE: Each correct selection is worth one point.


You are a Customer Data Platform Specialist. The sales team asks you for an update on its requirement to be able to create a marketing list in Dynamics 365 Sales from audience insights data.

Which validation is necessary to satisfy the sales team's requirement?

Answer: B

See the explanation below.

Ability to use segments from the audience insights to generate marketing lists:

The Sales team needs to generate a marketing campaign based on segment of customers who have a Loyalty email. (loyalty.email)

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