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Microsoft DP-600 PDF Exam Questions:

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DP-600 PDF
Microsoft DP-600 PDF

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Realistic Scenario Based Microsoft DP-600 PDF Exam Questions:

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What should you recommend using to ingest the customer data into the data store in the AnatyticsPOC workspace?

Answer: D

Which type of data store should you recommend in the AnalyticsPOC workspace?

Answer: C

You have a Fabric warehouse that contains a table named Staging.Sales. Staging.Sales contains the following columns.


You need to write a T-SQL query that will return data for the year 2023 that displays ProductID and ProductName arxl has a summarized Amount that is higher than 10,000. Which query should you use?









Answer: A

You are the administrator of a Fabric workspace that contains a lakehouse named Lakehouse1. Lakehouse1 contains the following tables:

* Table1: A Delta table created by using a shortcut

* Table2: An external table created by using Spark

* Table3: A managed table

You plan to connect to Lakehouse1 by using its SQL endpoint. What will you be able to do after connecting to Lakehouse1?

Answer: D

You have a Fabric tenant that contains a warehouse.

You use a dataflow to load a new dataset from OneLake to the warehouse.

You need to add a Power Query step to identify the maximum values for the numeric columns.

Which function should you include in the step?

Answer: B

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