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Microsoft AZ-204 PDF Exam Questions:

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AZ-204 PDF
Microsoft AZ-204 PDF

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Realistic Scenario Based Microsoft AZ-204 PDF Exam Questions:

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You need to secure the Shipping Logic App.

What should you use?

Answer: C

See the explanation below.

Scenario: The Shipping Logic App requires secure resources to the corporate VNet and use dedicated storage resources with a fixed costing model.

You can access to Azure Virtual Network resources from Azure Logic Apps by using integration service environments (ISEs).

Sometimes, your logic apps and integration accounts need access to secured resources, such as virtual machines (VMs) and other systems or services, that are inside an Azure virtual network. To set up this access, you can create an integration service environment (ISE) where you can run your logic apps and create your integration accounts.



You need to support the requirements for the Shipping Logic App.

What should you use?

Answer: D

See the explanation below.

Before you can connect to on-premises data sources from Azure Logic Apps, download and install the on-premises data gateway on a local computer. The gateway works as a bridge that provides quick data transfer and encryption between data sources on premises (not in the cloud) and your logic apps.

The gateway supports BizTalk Server 2016.

Note: Microsoft have now fully incorporated the Azure BizTalk Services capabilities into Logic Apps and Azure App Service Hybrid Connections.

Logic Apps Enterprise Integration pack bring some of the enterprise B2B capabilities like AS2 and X12, EDI standards support

Scenario: The Shipping Logic app must meet the following requirements:

Support the ocean transport and inland transport workflows by using a Logic App.

Support industry-standard protocol X12 message format for various messages including vessel content details and arrival notices.

Secure resources to the corporate VNet and use dedicated storage resources with a fixed costing model.

Maintain on-premises connectivity to support legacy applications and final BizTalk migrations.



You need to migrate on-premises shipping data to Azure.

What should you use?

Answer: D

See the explanation below.

Migrate from on-premises or cloud implementations of MongoDB to Azure Cosmos DB with minimal downtime by using Azure Database Migration Service. Perform resilient migrations of MongoDB data at scale and with high reliability.

Scenario: Data migration from on-premises to Azure must minimize costs and downtime.

The application uses MongoDB JSON document storage database for all container and transport information.



You need to configure the ContentUploadService deployment.

Which two actions should you perform? Each correct answer presents part of the solution.

NOTE: Each correct selection is worth one point.

Answer: A

See the explanation below.

Scenario: All Internal services must only be accessible from Internal Virtual Networks (VNets)

There are three Network Location types -- Private, Public and Domain



You need to store the user agreements.

Where should you store the agreement after it is completed?

Answer: B

See the explanation below.

Azure Event Hub is used for telemetry and distributed data streaming.

This service provides a single solution that enables rapid data retrieval for real-time processing as well as repeated replay of stored raw data. It can capture the streaming data into a file for processing and analysis.

It has the following characteristics:

low latency

capable of receiving and processing millions of events per second

at least once delivery


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