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CompTIA DA0-001 PDF Exam Questions:

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Realistic Scenario Based CompTIA DA0-001 PDF Exam Questions:

Everyone wants to become certified CompTIA Data+ and improve his/her resume. You should practice with real DA0-001 questions. Students can benefit from the DA0-001 exam questions which are available in PDF format. The DA0-001 exam questions and answers are designed to match the criteria of the actual exam. If you use scenario-based CompTIA DA0-001 questions you will have an extra potential to clear the exam on the first attempt.


A data analyst needs to calculate the mean for Q1 sales using the data set below:


Which of the following is the mean?

Answer: A

A data analyst is creating a report that will provide information about various regions, products, and time periods. Which of the following formats would be the MOST efficient way to deliver this report?

Answer: D

A customer list from a financial services company is shown below:


A data analyst wants to create a likely-to-buy score on a scale from 0 to 100, based on an average of the three numerical variables: number of credit cards, age, and income. Which of the following should the analyst do to the variables to ensure they all have the same weight in the score calculation?

Answer: C

Which of the following actions should be taken when transmitting data to mitigate the chance of a data leak occurring? (Choose two.)

Answer: D, E

A data analyst has been asked to organize the table below in the following ways:

By sales from high to low -

By state in alphabetic order -


Which of the following functions will allow the data analyst to organize the table in this manner?

Answer: B

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