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500-425 PDF
Cisco 500-425 PDF

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Which two methods are used for confirming the agent is communicating property to the controller? (Choose two.)


Which two stats are available in Database Visibility? (Choose two.)

Answer: B, C

See the explanation below.

Database Visibility provides metrics on the performance of your database and helps troubleshoot performance-related issues. Database Visibility consists of four main components: Database Agent, Collector, Controller, and Events Service (on-premises only). The Database Agent is a standalone Java program that collects performance metrics about your database instances and database servers. The Collector is the process that runs within the Database Agent to collect performance metrics about your database instances and database servers. The Controller is the central interface where you can see all your database instances and database server performance metrics. The Events Service stores high volumes of metric data.

According to theOverview of Database Visibility, the following types of information are sent to the Controller:

Database-level metrics, such as the number of queries processed and other database statistics

Names and attributes of all sessions, clients, queries, and other objects on the monitored system

The following types of information are sent to the Events Service:

Time that each query spends at each wait state

Individual query statistics for databases that support it

Information about individual execution plans in databases that support it

Therefore,B(Average Number of Slow Connections) andC(Top Leaked Connections) are two stats that are available in Database Visibility.Reference:

Cisco AppDynamics Associate Administrator Certification

Overview of Database Visibility - AppDynamics

Database Visibility - AppDynamics


A customer wants to monitor 50th and 99th percentile response time in the Metric Browser for a particular Business Transaction Where do you configure and enable percentile metrics?

Answer: C

See the explanation below.

Percentile metrics are a way to measure the distribution of response times for a Business Transaction. They show the value below which a certain percentage of measurements fall. For example, the 50th percentile metric shows the median response time, and the 99th percentile metric shows the worst-case response time for 99% of the transactions. To enable percentile metrics, you need to go to Configuration > Slow Transaction Thresholds and indicate 5 whole numbers between 1 and 99 as Percentiles to Collect. You can then view the percentile metrics in the Metric Browser under Business Transaction Performance > Business Transactions > <Application Name> > <Business Transaction Name> > Percentiles.



What gives administrators the ability to test and debug policy execution?

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