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Cisco 350-601 PDF Exam Questions:

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350-601 PDF
Cisco 350-601 PDF

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Realistic Scenario Based Cisco 350-601 PDF Exam Questions:

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An engineer is implementing OTV on a transport that supports multicast. The solution needs to meet the following requirements:

* Establish adjacency to the remote peer by using multicast.

* Enable OTV advertisements for VLAN 100 to the other site.

Which two commands should be configured to meet these requirements? (Choose two.)


An engineer updated firmware on Fabric Interconnects and activates it. However, the endpoint fails to boot from the new firmware image. What is expected to occur in this case?

Answer: A

See the explanation below.


Mgmt/4-0/ b_UCSM_CLI_Firmware_Management_Guide_4-0/



Which configuration statically assigns VSAN membership to a virtual Fibre Channel interface?

Answer: D

See the explanation below.




An engineer must configure OSPF routing on Cisco Nexus 9000 Series Switches. The IP subnet of the Eth 1/2 interface for both switches must be advertised via OSPF. However, these interfaces must not establish OSPF adjacency or send routing updates. The current OSPF adjacency over the interface Eth1/1 on SW1 and Eth1/1 on SW2 must remain unaffected. Which configuration must be applied to both Nexus switches to meet these requirements?


An engineer needs to perform a backup of user roles and locales from Cisco UCS Manager to replicate the setting to a different fabric interconnect. The engineer wants to review the file before importing it to a target fabric interconnect. Which backup type must be selected to meet these requirements?

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