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A company has users that are logged in to hunt groups. However, there is a requirement for hunt group configurations to provide an option to turn on audible ringtones when calls to a line group arrive at a phone that is logged out and on a break. This ringtone alerts a logged-out user that there is an incoming call to a hunt list to which the line is a member, but the call does not ring at the phone of that line group member because of the logged-out status. Which action meets this requirement?

Answer: C

An engineer has temporarily disabled toll fraud prevention for SIP line calls on a Cisco CME12.6x and must enforce security and toll fraud prevention for the SIP line side on Cisco Unified CME. Which configuration must be used to start this process?

Answer: D

An engineer is troubleshooting local ringback on a Cisco SIP gateway The gateway is not ignoring the SIP 180 response with SDP from the service provider, and the far end device is sending the 180 with SDP to play ringback from the IP address specified m the SDP Which configuration change must be made on the gateway to resolve the issue?

Answer: B

An administrator is working on an issue between the customer s Cisco Unified Border Element and the service provider. The provider only wants to see mid-call signaling from the Cisco Unified Border Element for fax calls. Which command must be configured on Cisco Unified Border Element?

Answer: D

Refer to the exhibit.


A call mode through the Cisco Unified Border Element to pilot 2000 is foiling. What is causing the call to foil?

Answer: C

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