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A storage network engineer is upgrading a Cisco MDS Director with dual supervisor modules. The install command is executed on the standby supervisor module but fails. Which action would have prevented this failure?

Answer: B

Two stable fabrics have overlapping domains. After a switch from the first domain is joined to a switch from the second domain, both switches become isolated. What caused the problem?

Answer: A

A storage administrator manually configures a storage switch to use a new static domain ID. After issuing an

fcdomain restart vsan 1 command, the administrator sees that the switch is still using the existing domain ID. What is the reason why the configuration is not working?

Answer: A

A storage administrator is connecting two previously configured switches to make a single fabric. When the E Ports are connected, the administrator sees a ZONE MERGE FAILURE message referring to the zoneset for VSAN 10 on each switch. Which command should the administrator use to allow these switches to work together?

Answer: A

The principal switch on a Fibre Channel network fails to assign requested domain to a subordinate switch. What are two reasons? (Choose two.)

Answer: C, E

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