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A set of virtual machines must be live migrated from a data center to a disaster recovery site. The data center and disaster recovery sites are connected through an Inter-Pod Network topology. The gateway address of the virtual machine is the same across the data center and disaster recovery. Which Cisco Nexus feature supports this requirement?

Answer: A

A customer deploys 32 virtualization hosts in a Cisco UCS domain. All hosts run in the same cluster and have Identical hardware specifications. The operating system requires that all firmware is consistent across the hosts (or driver support. The customer must provision additional interfaces later for expandability. Which feature of Cisco UCS Manager meets these requirements?

Answer: C

A SAN fabric is built between a pair of Cisco MDS 9000 Series Switches. The requirement is for the ISL to use the VSAN ID to toward traffic from multiple VSANs across the same physical link. Additionally, the Fibre Channel trace feature must be supported. Which ISL interface parameters are required to meet these requirements?


Answer: D

A network engineer is using a Cisco UCS environment connected to a Fibre Channel storage array. The Cisco UCS environment must be connected to an existing SAN network, and several Cisco MDS 9000 Series Switches must be added to increase storage density. The solution must not exhaust the SAN network from the list of available domain IDs after connecting Also, most of the SAN traffic must be mapped from the Cisco UCS blades to a specific group of the fabric interconnect ports Which two features must be deployed to meet these requirements? (Choose


Answer: A, D

The user traffic destined to all web servers located in the data center must pass first through a set of firewalls for deep packet inspection. A network architect must design the Cisco Intelligent Traffic Director (ITD) deployment that meets these requirements:

The firewalls are connected to a set of two Cisco Nexus switches to provide stateful handling of traffic.

The ITD service is provided for inside and outside segments of the firewall.

Which ITD deployment mode must be implemented to meet these requirements?

Answer: C

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