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A customer plans to adopt distributed QoS in their enterprise WAN. The policy must allow for individual packet marking according to the type of treatment required and for forwarding based on hop-by-hop treatment locally defined on each device. Which technology must the customer select?

Answer: C

Refer to the exhibit.


A network engineer must design a multicast solution based on:

* Many-to-many communications between the users and sources

* Support of up to 50 multicast sources

* Users that must register for steams

Which multicast solution must the engineer select?

Answer: B

In a cisco SD-Access brownfield deployment scenario, which configuration deployment must be taken with Cisco DNA center?

Answer: B

An engineer must peer with an ISP for internet connectivity using BGP, initially, the engineer wants to receive only specific prefixes from the ISP and a default route. However, the solution must provide the flexibility to add prefixes in the future at short notice. The ISP has a two-week change process in place. Which route filtering solution must the engineer employ?

Answer: C

See the explanation below.

anychange on the prefix list, engineer only need to update the preifx list and restart the BGP peer to the ISP. soft-reconfiguration inbound could be used to reduce down time of reset BGP peer, but it require lots of memory and in this case, connection to ISP and tons of route learnt will not be apporitated.


A company plans to transition to IPv6. They will link their IPv4 addresses to the lowest significant bits of the new Ipv6 addresses. A network administrator with an employee id: 4264:42:116 is preparing a mapping schema for the new IPv6 addresses. Which address does the network translate to?

Answer: A

See the explanation below.

' link their IPv4 addresses to the lowest significant bits ' This can never be a /64 network but must me a /120 network.

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