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Cisco 300-410 PDF Exam Questions:

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300-410 PDF
Cisco 300-410 PDF

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Refer to the exhibit.


Users in the branch network of 2001:db8:0:4::/64 report that they cannot access the Internet. Which command is issued in IPv6 router EIGRP 100 configuration mode to solve this issue?

Answer: D

Refer to the exhibit.


Which configuration configures a policy on R1 to forward any traffic that is sourced from

the network to R2?



Answer: D

R2 has a locally originated prefix and has these configurations:


What is the result when the route-map OUT command is applied toward an eBGP neighbor R1 ( by using the neighbor route-map OUT out command?

Answer: A

Which method changes the forwarding decision that a router makes without first changing the routing table or influencing the IP data plane?

Answer: C

Refer to the exhibit.


The output of the trace route from R5 shows a loop in the network. Which configuration

prevents this loop?









Answer: A

See the explanation below.

The reason for the loop is that R2 is forwarding the packets destined to to R4, instead of R1. This is because in the redistribute OSPF statement, BW metric has a higher value and delay has a value of 1. So, R2 chooses R4 over R1 for subnet causing a loop. Now, R5 learns from R3 and advertises the same route to R4, that R4 redistributes back in EIGRP. If R3 sets a tag of 1 while redistributing EIGRP in OSPF, and R4 denies all the OSPF routes with tag 1 while redistributing, it will not advertise back into EIGRP. Hence, the loop will be broken.

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