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update an existing AWS CloudFormation stack. If needed, a copy 0t the CloudFormation template is available in an Amazon SB bucket named cloudformation-bucket

1. Use the us-east-2 Region for all resources.

2. Unless specified below, use the default configuration settings.

3. update the Amazon EQ instance named Devinstance by making the following changes to the stack named 1700182:

a) Change the EC2 instance type to us-east-t2.nano.

b) Allow SSH to connect to the EC2 instance from the IP address range

c) Replace the instance profile IAM role with IamRoleB.

4. Deploy the changes by updating the stack using the CFServiceR01e role.

5. Edit the stack options to prevent accidental deletion.

6. Using the output from the stack, enter the value of the Prodlnstanceld in the text box below:


Answer: A

A webpage is stored in an Amazon S3 bucket behind an Application Load Balancer (ALB). Configure the SS bucket to serve a static error page in the event of a failure at the primary site.

1. Use the us-east-2 Region for all resources.

2. Unless specified below, use the default configuration settings.

3. There is an existing hosted zone named lab-

751906329398-26023898.com that contains an A record with a simple routing policy that routes traffic to an existing ALB.

4. Configure the existing S3 bucket named lab-751906329398-26023898.com as a static hosted website using the object named index.html as the index document

5. For the index-html object, configure the S3 ACL to allow for public read access. Ensure public access to the S3 bucketjs allowed.

6. In Amazon Route 53, change the A record for domain lab-751906329398-26023898.com to a primary record for a failover routing policy. Configure the record so that it evaluates the health of the ALB to determine failover.

7. Create a new secondary failover alias record for the domain lab-751906329398-26023898.com that routes traffic to the existing 53 bucket.

Answer: A

If your AWS Management Console browser does not show that you are logged in to an AWS account, close the browser and relaunch the

console by using the AWS Management Console shortcut from the VM desktop.

If the copy-paste functionality is not working in your environment, refer to the instructions file on the VM desktop and use Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V or Command-C , Command-V.

Configure Amazon EventBridge to meet the following requirements.

1. use the us-east-2LRegion for all resources,

2. Unless specified below, use the default configuration settings.

3. Use your own resource naming unless a resource

name is specified below.

4. Ensure all Amazon EC2 events in the default event

bus are replayable for the past 90 days.

5. Create a rule named RunFunction to send the exact message every 1 5 minutes to an existing AWS Lambda function named LogEventFunction.

6. Create a rule named SpotWarning to send a notification to a new standard Amazon SNS topic named TopicEvents whenever an Amazon EC2

Spot Instance is interrupted. Do NOT create any topic subscriptions. The notification must match the following structure:


Input template:

'' The EC2 Spot Instance has been on account.

Answer: A

A company has a compliance requirement that no security groups can allow SSH ports to be open to all IP addresses. A SysOps administrator must implement a solution that will notify the company's SysOps team when a security group rule violates this requirement. The solution also must remediate the security group rule automatically.

Which solution will meet these requirements?

AZ. Create an Amazon EventBridge (Amazon CloudWatch Events) rule that invokes an AWS Lambda function when a security group changes. Configure the Lambda function to evaluate the security group for compliance, remove all inbound security group rules on all ports, and notify the SysOps team if the security group is noncompliant.

Answer: C

See the explanation below.

Topic 2, Simulation


A company has an application that is deployed 10 two AWS Regions in an active-passive configuration. The application runs on Amazon EC2 instances behind an Application Load Balancer (ALB) in each Region. The instances are in an Amazon EC2 Auto Scaling group in each Region. The application uses an Amazon Route 53 hosted zone (or DNS. A SysOps administrator needs to configure automatic failover to the secondary Region.

What should the SysOps administrator do to meet these requirements?

Answer: A

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