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Amazon SCS-C01 PDF Exam Questions:

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Amazon SCS-C01 PDF

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Realistic Scenario Based Amazon SCS-C01 PDF Exam Questions:

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A global company that deals with International finance is investing heavily in cryptocurrencies and wants to experiment with mining technologies using AWS. The company's security team has enabled Amazon GuardDuty and is concerned by the number of findings being generated by the accounts. The security team wants to minimize the possibility of GuardDuty finding false negatives for compromised instances that are performing mining

How can the security team continue using GuardDuty while meeting these requirements?

Answer: A

A security engineer must develop an encryption tool for a company. The company requires a cryptographic solution that supports the ability to perform cryptographic erasure on all resources protected by the key material in 15 minutes or less

Which AWS Key Management Service (AWS KMS) key solution will allow the security engineer to meet these requirements?

Answer: C

A security engineer is designing a solution that will provide end-to-end encryption between clients and Docker containers running In Amazon Elastic Container Service (Amazon ECS). This solution will also handle volatile traffic patterns

Which solution would have the MOST scalability and LOWEST latency?

Answer: A

A company has an application hosted in an Amazon EC2 instance and wants the application to access secure strings stored in AWS Systems Manager Parameter Store When the application tries to access the secure string key value, it fails.

Which factors could be the cause of this failure? (Select TWO.)

Answer: C, E

A company is running an application on Amazon EC2 instances in an Auto Scaling group. The application stores logs locally A security engineer noticed that logs were lost after a scale-in event. The security engineer needs to recommend a solution to ensure the durability and availability of log data All logs must be kept for a minimum of 1 year for auditing purposes

What should the security engineer recommend?

Answer: B

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