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A company's security information events management (SIEM) tool receives new AWS CloudTrail logs from an Amazon S3 bucket that is configured to send all object created event notification to an Amazon SNS topic An Amazon SQS queue is subscribed to this SNS topic. The company's SEM tool then ports this SQS queue for new messages using an IAM role and fetches new log events from the S3 bucket based on the SQS messages.

After a recent security review that resulted m restricted permissions, the SEM tool has stopped receiving new CloudTral logs

Which of the following are possible causes of this issue? (Select THREE)

Answer: A, D, F

A company has multiple departments. Each department has its own AWS account. All these accounts belong to the same organization in AWS Organizations.

A large .csv file is stored in an Amazon S3 bucket in the sales department's AWS account. The company wants to allow users from the other accounts to access the .csv file's content through the combination of AWS Glue and Amazon Athen

a. However, the company does not want to allow users from the other accounts to access other files in the same folder.

Which solution will meet these requirements?

Answer: A

A business stores website images in an Amazon S3 bucket. The firm serves the photos to end users through Amazon CloudFront. The firm learned lately that the photographs are being accessible from nations in which it does not have a distribution license.

Which steps should the business take to safeguard the photographs and restrict their distribution? (Select two.)


A development team is attempting to encrypt and decode a secure string parameter from the AWS Systems Manager Parameter Store using an AWS Key Management Service (AWS KMS) CMK. However, each attempt results in an error message being sent to the development team.

Which CMK-related problems possibly account for the error? (Select two.)


Within a VPC, a corporation runs an Amazon RDS Multi-AZ DB instance. The database instance is connected to the internet through a NAT gateway via two subnets.

Additionally, the organization has application servers that are hosted on Amazon EC2 instances and use the RDS database. These EC2 instances have been deployed onto two more private subnets inside the same VPC. These EC2 instances connect to the internet through a default route via the same NAT gateway. Each VPC subnet has its own route table.

The organization implemented a new security requirement after a recent security examination. Never allow the database instance to connect to the internet. A security engineer must perform this update promptly without interfering with the network traffic of the application servers.

How will the security engineer be able to comply with these requirements?

Answer: C

See the explanation below.

Each subnet has a route table, so modify the routing associated with DB instance subnets to prevent internet access.

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