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Amazon SAP-C02 PDF Exam Questions:

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Amazon SAP-C02 PDF

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Realistic Scenario Based Amazon SAP-C02 PDF Exam Questions:

Everyone wants to become certified Amazon Professional and improve his/her resume. You should practice with real SAP-C02 questions. Students can benefit from the SAP-C02 exam questions which are available in PDF format. The SAP-C02 exam questions and answers are designed to match the criteria of the actual exam. If you use scenario-based Amazon SAP-C02 questions you will have an extra potential to clear the exam on the first attempt.


A company is providing weather data over a REST-based API to several customers. The API is hosted by Amazon API Gateway and is integrated with different AWS Lambda functions for each API operation. The company uses Amazon Route 53 for DNS and has created a resource record of weather.example.com. The company stores data for the API in Amazon DynamoDB tables. The company needs a solution that will give the API the ability to fail over to a different AWS Region.

Which solution will meet these requirements?


A company is running a two-tier web-based application in an on-premises data center. The application layer consists of a single server running a stateful application. The application connects to a PostgreSQL database running on a separate server. The application's user base is expected to grow significantly, so the company is migrating the application and database to AWS. The solution will use Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL, Amazon EC2 Auto Scaling, and Elastic Load Balancing.

Which solution will provide a consistent user experience that will allow the application and database tiers to scale?

Answer: C

See the explanation below.

Aurora Auto Scaling enables your Aurora DB cluster to handle sudden increases in connectivity or workload. When the connectivity or workload decreases, Aurora Auto Scaling removes unnecessary Aurora Replicas so that you don't pay for unused provisioned DB instances


A company uses a service to collect metadata from applications that the company hosts on premises. Consumer devices such as TVs and internet radios access the applications. Many older devices do not support certain HTTP headers and exhibit errors when these headers are present in responses. The company has configured an on-premises load balancer to remove the unsupported headers from responses sent to older devices, which the company identified by the User-Agent headers.

The company wants to migrate the service to AWS, adopt serverless technologies, and retain the ability to support the older devices. The company has already migrated the applications into a set of AWS Lambda functions.

Which solution will meet these requirements?


A company is running a traditional web application on Amazon EC2 instances. The company needs to refactor the application as microservices that run on containers. Separate versions of the application exist in two distinct environments: production and testing. Load for the application is variable, but the minimum load and the maximum load are known. A solutions architect needs to design the updated application with a serverless architecture that minimizes operational complexity.

Which solution will meet these requirements MOST cost-effectively?

Answer: D

See the explanation below.

minimizes operational + microservices that run on containers = AWS Elastic Beanstalk


A company has a multi-tier web application that runs on a fleet of Amazon EC2 instances behind an Application Load Balancer (ALB). The instances are in an Auto Scaling group. The ALB and the Auto Scaling group are replicated in a backup AWS Region. The minimum value and the maximum value for the Auto Scaling group are set to zero. An Amazon RDS Multi-AZ DB instance stores the application's dat

a. The DB instance has a read replica in the backup Region. The application presents an endpoint to end users by using an Amazon Route 53 record.

The company needs to reduce its RTO to less than 15 minutes by giving the application the ability to automatically fail over to the backup Region. The company does not have a large enough budget for an active-active strategy.

What should a solutions architect recommend to meet these requirements?

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