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A global media company is planning a multi-Region deployment of an application. Amazon DynamoDB global tables will back the deployment to keep the user experience consistent across the two continents where users are concentrated. Each deployment will have a public Application Load Balancer (ALB). The company manages public DNS internally. The company wants to make the application available through an apex domain.

Which solution will meet these requirements with the LEAST effort?

Answer: C

A company gives users the ability to upload images from a custom application. The upload process invokes an AWS Lambda function that processes and stores the image in an Amazon S3 bucket. The application invokes the Lambda function by using a specific function version ARN.

The Lambda function accepts image processing parameters by using environment variables. The company often adjusts the environment variables of the Lambda function to achieve optimal image processing output. The company tests different parameters and publishes a new function version with the updated environment variables after validating results. This update process also requires frequent changes to the custom application to invoke the new function version ARN. These changes cause interruptions for users.

A solutions architect needs to simplify this process to minimize disruption to users.

Which solution will meet these requirements with the LEAST operational overhead?

Answer: D

A company has deployed an application on AWS Elastic Beanstalk. The application uses Amazon Aurora for the database layer. An Amazon CloudFront distribution serves web requests and includes the Elastic Beanstalk domain name as the origin server. The distribution is configured with an alternate domain name that visitors use when they access the application.

Each week, the company takes the application out of service for routine maintenance. During the time that the application is unavailable, the company wants visitors to receive an informational message instead of a CloudFront error message.

A solutions architect creates an Amazon S3 bucket as the first step in the process.

Which combination of steps should the solutions architect take next to meet the requirements? (Choose three.)

Answer: A, C, D

A company is running an event ticketing platform on AWS and wants to optimize the platform's cost-effectiveness. The platform is deployed on Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (Amazon EKS) with Amazon EC2 and is backed by an Amazon RDS for MySQL DB instance. The company is developing new application features to run on Amazon EKS with AWS Fargate.

The platform experiences infrequent high peaks in demand. The surges in demand depend on event dates.

Which solution will provide the MOST cost-effective setup for the platform?

Answer: B

A company has migrated an application from on premises to AWS. The application frontend is a static website that runs on two Amazon EC2 instances behind an Application Load Balancer (ALB). The application backend is a Python application that runs on three EC2 instances behind another ALB. The EC2 instances are large, general purpose On-Demand Instances that were sized to meet the on-premises specifications for peak usage of the application.

The application averages hundreds of thousands of requests each month. However, the application is used mainly during lunchtime and receives minimal traffic during the rest of the day.

A solutions architect needs to optimize the infrastructure cost of the application without negatively affecting the application availability.

Which combination of steps will meet these requirements? (Choose two.)

Answer: B, E

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