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Amazon SAA-C03 PDF

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A company collects temperature, humidity, and atmospheric pressure data in cities across multiple continents. The average volume of data collected per site each day is 500 GB. Each site has a high-speed internet connection. The company's weather forecasting applications are based in a single Region and analyze the data daily.

What is the FASTEST way to aggregate data from all of these global sites?

Answer: A

See the explanation below.

You might want to use Transfer Acceleration on a bucket for various reasons, including the following:

You have customers that upload to a centralized bucket from all over the world.

You transfer gigabytes to terabytes of data on a regular basis across continents.

You are unable to utilize all of your available bandwidth over the Internet when uploading to Amazon S3.



'Amazon S3 Transfer Acceleration can speed up content transfers to and from Amazon S3 by as much as 50-500% for long-distance transfer of larger objects. Customers who have either web or mobile applications with widespread users or applications hosted far away from their S3 bucket can experience long and variable upload and download speeds over the Internet'


'Improved throughput - You can upload parts in parallel to improve throughput.'


A company needs the ability to analyze the log files of its proprietary application. The logs are stored in JSON format in an Amazon S3 bucket Queries will be simple and will run on-demand A solutions architect needs to perform the analysis with minimal changes to the existing architecture

What should the solutions architect do to meet these requirements with the LEAST amount of operational overhead?

Answer: C

See the explanation below.

Amazon Athena can be used to query JSON in S3


A company uses AWS Organizations to manage multiple AWS accounts for different departments. The management account has an Amazon S3 bucket that contains project reports. The company wants to limit access to this S3 bucket to only users of accounts within the organization in AWS Organizations.

Which solution meets these requirements with the LEAST amount of operational overhead?

Answer: A

See the explanation below.


The aws:PrincipalOrgID global key provides an alternative to listing all the account IDs for all AWS accounts in an organization. For example, the following Amazon S3 bucket policy allows members of any account in the XXX organization to add an object into the examtopics bucket.

{'Version': '2020-09-10',

'Statement': {

'Sid': 'AllowPutObject',

'Effect': 'Allow',

'Principal': '*',

'Action': 's3:PutObject',

'Resource': 'arn:aws:s3:::examtopics/*',

'Condition': {'StringEquals':




An application runs on an Amazon EC2 instance in a VPC. The application processes logs that are stored in an Amazon S3 bucket. The EC2 instance needs to access the S3 bucket without connectivity to the internet.

Which solution will provide private network connectivity to Amazon S3?

Answer: A

See the explanation below.

VPC endpoint allows you to connect to AWS services using a private network instead of using the public Internet


A company is hosting a web application on AWS using a single Amazon EC2 instance that stores user-uploaded documents in an Amazon EBS volume. For better scalability and availability, the company duplicated the architecture and created a second EC2 instance and EBS volume in another Availability Zone placing both behind an Application Load Balancer After completing this change, users reported that, each time they refreshed the website, they could see one subset of their documents or the other, but never all of the documents at the same time.

What should a solutions architect propose to ensure users see all of their documents at once?

Answer: A

See the explanation below.

Amazon EFS provides file storage in the AWS Cloud. With Amazon EFS, you can create a file system, mount the file system on an Amazon EC2 instance, and then read and write data to and from your file system. You can mount an Amazon EFS file system in your VPC, through the Network File System versions 4.0 and

4.1 (NFSv4) protocol. We recommend using a current generation Linux NFSv4.1 client, such as those found in the latest Amazon Linux, Redhat, and Ubuntu

AMIs, in conjunction with the Amazon EFS Mount Helper. For instructions, see Using the amazon-efs-utils Tools.

For a list of Amazon EC2 Linux Amazon Machine Images (AMIs) that support this protocol, see NFS Support. For some AMIs, you'll need to install an NFS client to mount your file system on your Amazon EC2 instance. For instructions, see Installing the NFS Client.

You can access your Amazon EFS file system concurrently from multiple NFS clients, so applications that scale beyond a single connection can access a file system. Amazon EC2 instances running in multiple Availability Zones within the same AWS Region can access the file system, so that many users can access and share a common data source.


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