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Amazon MLS-C01 PDF

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A Machine Learning Specialist is working with multiple data sources containing billions of records that need to be joined. What feature engineering and model development approach should the Specialist take with a dataset this large?

Answer: B

A Machine Learning Specialist has completed a proof of concept for a company using a small data sample and now the Specialist is ready to implement an end-to-end solution in AWS using Amazon SageMaker The historical training data is stored in Amazon RDS

Which approach should the Specialist use for training a model using that data?

Answer: B

Which of the following metrics should a Machine Learning Specialist generally use to compare/evaluate machine learning classification models against each other?

Answer: D

A Machine Learning Specialist is using Amazon SageMaker to host a model for a highly available customer-facing application .

The Specialist has trained a new version of the model, validated it with historical data, and now wants to deploy it to production To limit any risk of a negative customer experience, the Specialist wants to be able to monitor the model and roll it back, if needed

What is the SIMPLEST approach with the LEAST risk to deploy the model and roll it back, if needed?

Answer: A

A manufacturing company has a large set of labeled historical sales data The manufacturer would like to predict how many units of a particular part should be produced each quarter Which machine learning approach should be used to solve this problem?

Answer: D

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