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Amazon DOP-C02 PDF

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A company has a mobile application that makes HTTP API calls to an Application Load Balancer (ALB). The ALB routes requests to an AWS Lambda function. Many different versions of the application are in use at any given time, including versions that are in testing by a subset of users. The version of the application is defined in the user-agent header that is sent with all requests to the API.

After a series of recent changes to the API, the company has observed issues with the application. The company needs to gather a metric for each API operation by response code for each version of the application that is in use. A DevOps engineer has modified the Lambda function to extract the API operation name, version information from the user-agent header and response code.

Which additional set of actions should the DevOps engineer take to gather the required metrics?

Answer: B

A company provides an application to customers. The application has an Amazon API Gateway REST API that invokes an AWS Lambda function. On initialization, the Lambda function loads a large amount of data from an Amazon DynamoDB table. The data load process results in long cold-start times of 8-10 seconds. The DynamoDB table has DynamoDB Accelerator (DAX) configured.

Customers report that the application intermittently takes a long time to respond to requests. The application receives thousands of requests throughout the day. In the middle of the day, the application experiences 10 times more requests than at any other time of the day. Near the end of the day, the application's request volume decreases to 10% of its normal total.

A DevOps engineer needs to reduce the latency of the Lambda function at all times of the day.

Which solution will meet these requirements?

Answer: C

A company is adopting AWS CodeDeploy to automate its application deployments for a Java-Apache Tomcat application with an Apache Webserver. The development team started with a proof of concept, created a deployment group for a developer environment, and performed functional tests within the application. After completion, the team will create additional deployment groups for staging and production.

The current log level is configured within the Apache settings, but the team wants to change this configuration dynamically when the deployment occurs, so that they can set different log level configurations depending on the deployment group without having a different application revision for each group.

How can these requirements be met with the LEAST management overhead and without requiring different script versions for each deployment group?

Answer: B

A company requires its developers to tag all Amazon Elastic Block Store (Amazon EBS) volumes in an account to indicate a desired backup frequency. This requirement Includes EBS volumes that do not require backups. The company uses custom tags named Backup_Frequency that have values of none, dally, or weekly that correspond to the desired backup frequency. An audit finds that developers are occasionally not tagging the EBS volumes.

A DevOps engineer needs to ensure that all EBS volumes always have the Backup_Frequency tag so that the company can perform backups at least weekly unless a different value is specified.

Which solution will meet these requirements?

Answer: B

A company is using an Amazon Aurora cluster as the data store for its application. The Aurora cluster is configured with a single DB instance. The application performs read and write operations on the database by using the cluster's instance endpoint.

The company has scheduled an update to be applied to the cluster during an upcoming maintenance window. The cluster must remain available with the least possible interruption during the maintenance window.

What should a DevOps engineer do to meet these requirements?

Answer: C

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