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Amazon DBS-C01 PDF

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A company has deployed an e-commerce web application in a new AWS account. An Amazon RDS for MySQL Multi-AZ DB instance is part of this deployment with a database-1.xxxxxxxxxxxx.us-east- 1.rds.amazonaws.com endpoint listening on port 3306. The company's Database Specialist is able to log in to MySQL and run queries from the bastion host using these details.

When users try to utilize the application hosted in the AWS account, they are presented with a generic error message. The application servers are logging a ''could not connect to server: Connection times out'' error message to Amazon CloudWatch Logs.

What is the cause of this error?

Answer: C

An AWS CloudFormation stack that included an Amazon RDS DB instance was accidentally deleted and recent data was lost. A Database Specialist needs to add RDS settings to the CloudFormation template to reduce the chance of accidental instance data loss in the future.

Which settings will meet this requirement? (Choose three.)


A Database Specialist is troubleshooting an application connection failure on an Amazon Aurora DB cluster with multiple Aurora Replicas that had been running with no issues for the past 2 months. The connection failure lasted for 5 minutes and corrected itself after that. The Database Specialist reviewed the Amazon RDS events and determined a failover event occurred at that time. The failover process took around 15 seconds to


What is the MOST likely cause of the 5-minute connection outage?

Answer: B

See the explanation below.

When your application tries to establish a connection after a failover, the new Aurora PostgreSQL writer will be a previous reader, which can be found using the Aurora read only endpoint before DNS updates have fully propagated. Setting the java DNS TTL to a low value helps cycle between reader nodes on subsequent connection attempts.

Amazon Aurora is designed to recover from a crash almost instantaneously and continue to serve your application data. Unlike other databases, after a crash Amazon Aurora does not need to replay the redo log from the last database checkpoint before making the database available for operations. Amazon Aurora performs crash recovery asynchronously on parallel threads, so your database is open and available immediately after a crash. Because the storage is organized in many small segments, each with its own redo log, the underlying storage can replay redo records on demand in parallel and asynchronously as part of a disk read after a crash. This approach reduces database restart times to less than 60 seconds in most cases


A company is deploying a solution in Amazon Aurora by migrating from an on-premises system. The IT department has established an AWS Direct Connect link from the company's data center. The company's Database Specialist has selected the option to require SSL/TLS for connectivity to prevent plaintext data from being set over the network. The migration appears to be working successfully, and the data can be queried from a desktop machine.

Two Data Analysts have been asked to query and validate the data in the new Aurora DB cluster. Both Analysts are unable to connect to Auror

a. Their user names and passwords have been verified as valid and the Database Specialist can connect to the DB cluster using their accounts. The Database Specialist also verified that the security group configuration allows network from all corporate IP addresses.

What should the Database Specialist do to correct the Data Analysts' inability to connect?

Answer: B

See the explanation below.

* To connect using SSL:

* Provide the SSLTrust certificate (can be downloaded from AWS)

* Provide SSL options when connecting to database

* Not using SSL on a DB that enforces SSL would result in error



A company is concerned about the cost of a large-scale, transactional application using Amazon DynamoDB that only needs to store data for 2 days before it is deleted. In looking at the tables, a Database Specialist notices that much of the data is months old, and goes back to when the application was first deployed.

What can the Database Specialist do to reduce the overall cost?

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