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Application developers have reported that an application is running slower as more users are added. The application database is running on an Amazon Aurora

DB cluster with an Aurora Replic

a. The application is written to take advantage of read scaling through reader endpoints. A database specialist looks at the performance metrics of the database and determines that, as new users were added to the database, the primary instance CPU utilization steadily increased while the Aurora Replica CPU utilization remained steady.

How can the database specialist improve database performance while ensuring minimal downtime?

Answer: C

A company wants to build a new invoicing service for its cloud-native application on AWS. The company has a small development team and wants to focus on service feature development and minimize operations and maintenance as much as possible. The company expects the service to handle billions of requests and millions of new records every day. The service feature requirements, including data access patterns are well-defined. The service has an availability target of

99.99% with a milliseconds latency requirement. The database for the service will be the system of record for invoicing data.

Which database solution meets these requirements at the LOWEST cost?

Answer: D

See the explanation below.

Known patterns, minimum maintenance, miliseconds latency


A company has an application that uses an Amazon DynamoDB table as its data store. During normal business days, the throughput requirements from the application are uniform and consist of 5 standard write calls per second to the DynamoDB table. Each write call has 2 KB of data.

For 1 hour each day, the company runs an additional automated job on the DynamoDB table that makes 20 write requests per second. No other application writes to the DynamoDB table. The DynamoDB table does not have to meet any additional capacity requirements.

How should a database specialist configure the DynamoDB table's capacity to meet these requirements MOST cost-effectively?


A company with 500,000 employees needs to supply its employee list to an application used by human resources. Every 30 minutes, the data is exported using the LDAP service to load into a new Amazon DynamoDB table. The data model has a base table with Employee ID for the partition key and a global secondary index with Organization ID as the partition key.

While importing the data, a database specialist receives ProvisionedThroughputExceededException errors. After increasing the provisioned write capacity units

(WCUs) to 50,000, the specialist receives the same errors. Amazon CloudWatch metrics show a consumption of 1,500 WCUs.

What should the database specialist do to address the issue?


A financial services company runs an on-premises MySQL database for a critical application. The company is dissatisfied with its current database disaster recovery (DR) solution. The application experiences a significant amount of downtime whenever the database fails over to its DR facility. The application also experiences slower response times when reports are processed on the same database. To minimize the downtime in DR situations, the company has decided to migrate the database to AWS. The company requires a solution that is highly available and the most cost-effective.

Which solution meets these requirements?

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