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Amazon BDS-C00 PDF Exam Questions:

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Amazon BDS-C00 PDF

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Realistic Scenario Based Amazon BDS-C00 PDF Exam Questions:

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You are currently hosting multiple applications in a VPC and have logged numerous port scans coming in from a specific IP address block. Your security team has requested that all access from the offending IP address block be denied for the next 24 hours.

Which of the following is the best method to quickly and temporarily deny access from the specified IP address block?

Answer: B

The operations team and the development team want a single place to view both operating system and application logs.

How should you implement this using AWS services? Choose two answers

Answer: A, C

You are working with customer who has 10 TB of archival data that they want to migrate to Amazon Glacier. The customer has a 1Mbps connection to the Internet. Which service or feature provide the fastest method of getting the data into Amazon Glacier?

Answer: D

A user has provisioned 2000 IOPS to the EBS volume. The application hosted on that EBS is experiencing less IOPS than provisioned. Which of the below mentioned options does not affect the IOPS of the volume?

Answer: D

You want to securely distribute credentials for your Amazon RDS instance to your fleet of web server instances. The credentials are stored in a file that is controlled by a configuration management system.

How do you securely deploy the credentials in an automated manner across the fleet of web server instances, which can number in the hundreds, while retaining the ability to roll back if needed?

Answer: D

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