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A company wants to build an Adobe Commerce website to sell their products to customers in their country. The taxes in their country are highly complex and require customization to Adobe Commerce. An Architect is trying to solve this problem by creating a custom tax calculator that will handle the calculation of taxes for all orders in Adobe Commerce.

How should the Architect add the taxes for all orders?

Answer: B

See the explanation below.

you can create tax rules in Magento 2 by going to Stores > Taxes > Tax Rules and choosing or adding tax rates. However, this may not be enough for complex tax scenarios that require customization.



An Adobe Commerce Architect needs to log the result of a ServiceClass : : ge-Dara method execution after all plugins have executed. The method is public, and there are a few plugins declared for this method. Among those plugins are after and around types, and all have sortOrder specified.

Which solution should be used to meet this requirement?


An Adobe Commerce Architect is asked by a merchant using B2B features to help with a configuration issue.

The Architect creates a test Company Account and wants to create Approval Rules for orders. The Approval Rules tab does not appear in the Company section in the Customer Account Menu when the Architect logs in using the Company Administrator account.

Which two steps must be taken to fix this issue? (Choose two.)

Answer: A, C

See the explanation below.

Enabling Purchase Orders at both the B2B Admin and the Company Record levels is necessary for Approval Rules to appear in the Company section of the Customer Account Menu. When 'Enable Purchase Orders' is set to TRUE, the system assumes that the company will be making purchases using purchase orders, and the Approval Rules tab becomes visible.


An external system integrates functionality of a product catalog search using Adobe Commerce GraphQL API. The Architect creates a new attribute my_attribute in the admin panel with frontend type select.

Later, the Architect sees that Productinterface already has the field my_atcribute, but returns an mc value. The Architect wants this field to be a new type that contains both option id and label.

To meet this requirement, an Adobe Commerce Architect creates a new module and file etc/schema.graphqls that declares as follows:


After calling command setup:upgrade, the introspection of Productlnterface field xy_attribute remains int. What prevented the value type of field my_attribute from changing?

Answer: C

See the explanation below.

products query is a GraphQL query that returns information about products that match specified search criteria. It also shows how to use ProductInterface fields to retrieve product data.



An Adobe Commerce Architect is creating a new GraphQL API mutation to alter the process of adding configurable products to the cart. The mutation accepts configurable product ID. If the given product has only one variant, then the mutation should add this variant to the cart and return not nullable cart type. If the configurable product has more variants, then the mutation should return not nullable conf igurableProduct type.

The mutation declaration looks as follows:


How should the Adobe Commerce Architect declare output of this mutation?







Answer: B

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