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A marketer needs to quickly validate that data ingested into a dataset processed to Profile successfully. Using the AEP in which two ways can the marketer perform this task? (Choose two.)

Answer: C, E

A marketer wants 10 create a segment that qualities profiles from all datasets that are enabled for profile. The use case for the segment is for activation to advertising destinations.

Based on the options for ID stitching and merge method respectively, which type of merge policy is appropriate for this use case?

Answer: A

A data architect responsible for maintaining existing schemas is notified that a previously defined mandatory field is no longer available due to some changes in the inbound dat

a. The data architect confirms the existing schema has been saved and is currently being leveraged in data ingestion.

Which option does the data architect have?

Answer: A

A data engineer is ingesting the transactional information from an ecommerce platform through a daily feed. In AEP, one Experience Event-based schema will collect the purchase events from this feed.

The eventType field of the schema must be populated with "commerce.purchases' if in a CSV record in which the column 'pure ha sesf arid ate' and 'purchaseenddate" happen on the same day, If the "purchasee/irfdate" is set to a later date, the eventType should be *commerce._orgtenant.cancer.

Both dates follow the same format "yyyy-MM-dd'T'HH:mm:ss.SSS'Z~. and the "purchaseenddate' is always populated.

How should the data engineer create a Calculated Field that can be used to populate the eventType according to the required logic?









Answer: D

Which subset of data appears when clicking the 'Preview dataset" button on a Dataset page?

Answer: C

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